The Poetic Lines of Architecture: Blue and White

Ka Son Loi


Amelia Loi
Macau, , China

11.7 × 16.5 x 2 inches (Dimensions include frame)

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This series of artworks takes the personally perceived most iconic architectural structures in Macau as the creative theme for the eight pieces in this series. These buildings are located on Macau’s three islands, and Portuguese-style bricks are traditionally utilized for wall decorating. The outline of the architecture serves as the structure of the artwork in this series, which combines enamel pieces depicting Portuguese-style bricks. The bricks work as emotional carriers, closely engaging with the body through wearable forms and close skin contact. They are presented as brooches, closest to the heart, to investigate the intimate relationship between Macau’s urban image and Portuguese-style bricks. This relationship creates an emotional bond with the city, weaving a cultural poem of Macau’s architecture through the blue and white color spectrum.

My artworks are inspired by the deep bond from my born and raised in Macau. I use metal and enamel as the medium of my works and present them in the form of jewelry. My artworks were created and referenced from the representative sceneries in Macau. Exploring the feasibility of combining Macau's characteristic scenery with metalsmith jewelry.

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