The Queens Necklace

David Butler


David Butler Co
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Total length - 21.5 inches 9.7 oz.

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Photo credit: David Butler

Last December the artist Michele Oka Doner reached out to me to collaborate with a platinum project she wanted to exhibit with her gallery in London, David Gill Gallery in an offering towards Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Celebration. After viewing images of British jewelry from the 1890's, the rolo form of link was chosen as a model for where the necklaces would head aesthetically. I ended up making two platinum necklaces, each one containing exactly 70 links, each link representing one year of the Queen's record breaking reign.
Because the two necklaces were different sizes, and lengths, I carved four models, made molds, cast each link separately and assembled the links, soldered and put a super nice finish on the work. The box clasp was created from a silver jalapeños pepper Michele had.
No matter what one thinks about British Royalty, the power that they have is undeniable. These amazing necklaces exhibit appropriate gravitas, literally from their weight and the aesthetic form.

I have been involved with the design and making of jewelry and sculpture for over 35 years. I teach at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and the 92Y on the upper east side of Manhattan. I enjoy working directly with material: forming, casting, fabricating to create a vision I have. My studio is in Brooklyn.

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