The Resilient Ginkgo

Deitra Blackwell


Berkshire Creations
Little Rock, AR, United States

2.25 x 1.5 x .5 inches

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Photo credit: Deitra Blackwell

These earrings were featured in New York City Jewelry Week in November, 2022 in the SNAG Gallery in Industrial City, Queens, NY. They feature ginkgo leaves patterned on leaves found in Wellsville, NY. Ginkgo trees can grow in a wide range of temperatures, but the fierce New York winters can result in leaves that are stressed by low temperatures and often do not fit the fan shapes usually associated with ginkgoes. Their resiliency is quite remarkable, and ginkgo jewelry can give the wearer a reminder that each of us is generally more resilient than we realize. The wearer can touch the leaf shapes and be reminded that whatever comes, I’ve got this!

Materials used: 14 k gold, 14k gold filled, sterling silver

I have been a metalsmith for nearly 14 years, specializing in jewelry in gold, sterling and fine silver, brass, copper, steel and mixed media, using traditional methods. Most of my work is botanical in style with some recent abstract explorations.

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