The Royalink

Sareh Ghomi


Atelier Sareh Inc
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Height: 9.7 cm - Width: 6 cm - 7.5 cm

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Photo credit: Sareh Ghomi

To create this piece, I sought evolution in technique, form, and application! I have used brass and steel metal wires to retain the jewelry appearance, but instead of a plain metal plate, I tried to recreate the surface piece by weaving the metal wires. Regarding the application, this idea was always in my mind that "Fast Fashion," one of the most significant environmental issues in the today's fashion industry, can be overcome if parts of a dress such as cuffs (like a bracelet) can be portable and changeable as well! In fact, by having just a pair of these Cuff/Bracelets, a person would always look stylish and luxurious so they can wear them confidently in deferent formal or casual occasions. Indeed, the design and style of your clothes are no longer critical; choosing these fashion jewelry pieces will make and characterize the wearer as a stylish nature lover and different person.

SARE is a high-end costume fashion jewelry and accessories brand. Each piece is limited-edition and hand-crafted with its own concept through contemporary and unique series of techniques such as “Metal Tapestry” which has been invented by the Toronto-based artist, Sareh Ghomi.

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