The Upside Down Lantern

Anastasia Alper


Corning, NY, United States

4 x 2 x 0.85 inches

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Photo credit: Anastasia Alper

Here is my first attempt at “The Upside Down” lantern. Inspired by the houses in “Stranger Things” and complete with the gate between the two worlds in the floor. You can wear /or hang/ the lantern both ways – the “normal” way with the blue roof on top, or the “upside down” way with the red roof on top. The way I designed this lantern, you can light up the upper and the lower houses in contrasting colors, visually separating the two worlds. The upside down is lit in violent red. The normal world can be lit with calm white, OR you can use confetti LEDs – like the Christmas lights Will’s mom used to talk to him while he was trapped in the upside down. The lantern weighs 4.25 ounces! So I say – wearable if you are like Henry VIII or Mister T. But it is also a great functional jewel and a conversation piece.
This is probably my most ambitious project so far.

My first metalsmithing teacher was Kelly Jean Conroy at MassArt eight years ago. I have been in love with metalsmithing ever since and took multiple classes at Metalwerx. I love making wearable lanterns with sterling silver and translucent gemstones. I use small battery powered LEDs to light them up. My little studio is set up in my garage.

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