Tomato Ring

Carolyn Tillie


Carolyn Tillie Designs
Montara, CA, United States

2.5 x 1.75 x 1.75

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Photo credit: Carolyn Tillie

Food involves rituals – its preparation, appearance, ingesting – that directly correlate to jewelry. Both medium are highly personal and intimate created by one person (chef/jeweler) and “consumed” by another (diner/wearer). Themes of consumption, ritual, and memory cannot be avoided when contextualizing food as it relates to the body. So while the tomato here lives in its edible state, it is captured and showcased as a gemstone; both transient in the knowledge it is ephemeral, yet permanent in its existence as a photograph.

Carolyn Tillie is a published writer, exhibiting artist, and curator. As a culinary historian, she incorporates themes of food, loss, and want by repurposing dollhouse food miniatures and Japanese gumball machine toys as well as actual food into her wearables. Her exhibits include cookbook words and inheritances from those lost due to COVID.

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