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Lorna Agyare


Arlington, Texas, United States

31x24x34 mm

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Photo credit: Lorna Agyare

Wa Yuusu is a reflection of African, Caribbean, and African American culture. Skin lightening is a problem, especially for females. Skin lightening has a long history that is impacted by the media, social status, religion, wealth, mental health, and culture. Is also Influenced by the perspective of colorism and affects Billions of people worldwide. This has affected my childhood growing up and how I looked at my tone of skin as a young girl. Wa Yuusu is Twi (Akan Ghana) word used negatively for a person who lightens their skin. The word can also be a positive term for a person who is lighting their skin. This means the product they are using to lighten their skin is working.

The goal of this pieces is to spread awareness and depict the problem of colorism by using metal to make contrasting strong organic shapes with delicate textures, patterns, and colors with a mixture of Ashanti jewelry and contemporary designs of modernism. This collection is a tribute to my grandfather.

Lorna is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design in B.F.A Jewelry and currently pursuing an M.A in Jewelry. Growing up between London, Dallas, and Ghana, she was surrounded by art, as well as a visually rich and multicultural environment. She was inspired by the works of her grandfather, a sculptor who was the Ashanti king’s jeweler.

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