Torii Gate Suite

Barbara McFadyen


Barbara McFadyen Jewelry
Chapel Hill, NC, United States

2.75 x 1.5 and 3.0 x 1.75

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Photo credit: Cole Rodger

In continual pursuit of beauty, my work and inspirations are deeply connected to the natural world, its intricate details, and captivating patterns. Experiencing the sense of awe, beauty, and power within nature helps me find my place in the world and a renewed sense of meaning beneath the layers of the hectic every day. I can find a renewed sense of peace as I lose myself in the meditation of transforming glass and metal into enduring forms of adornment or objects of everyday life. My love of good craftsmanship reflects my belief we should be creating a culture that values beauty and quality over quantity. It is my hope that what I create may come into someone else’s life and shift the balance of their world a little further in the direction of the power of awe and beauty.

Barbara McFadyen has been designing jewelry in enamel, gold, and silver for nearly five decades. Barbara received her MFA from ECU, and maintains her studio practice in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Her work is found in The Enamel Arts Foundation, the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts, the Crocker Museum, the Mint Museum, and Yale University Art Gallery.

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