Tornado Warning

Patricia Nelson


Muncie, IN, United States

6X24X3 inches

Photo credit: Patricia Nelson

This work represents a new direction for me. Many of my metal surfaces are etched or fused – they provide heavily textured grounds so even the first layer of enamel has imagery I can respond to. The decals I use are covered over, scratched, layered or scraped so they become loose pattern or texture rather than recognizable images.
I am looking at hurricane damaged landscapes photographed from above – from planes or helicopters as they survey and record the damage wrought by our ever more severe hurricane seasons. The post storm, scattered mess of flora, building materials, and ephemera of daily life also intrigues me, but I am especially fascinated by the way the basic human–imposed grid bestows a loose order on all the wreckage and ruin. I can see the plans of houses and buildings under the piles of lumber, trees, and other objects scattered by the wind.

Patricia Nelson was educated at the University of Washington and State University of New York. For over three decades she taught all aspects of metalsmithing and jewelry at Ball State University in Indiana. Her current work involves pushing the limits of enamels, both technically and aesthetically.

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