Transcendence Urn

Nicholas Hesson


Greenville, NC, United States


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My current work examines how we chose to represent, remember, and memorialize those who have died. I investigate this idea through enameled vessels, jewelry, and objects that explore the sentimental attachment to the physical form of someone and how we heal from that absence. I utilize iconography drawn from anatomical structures, memento mori, cultural, and religious traditions as I create urns, shrines, and vessels to hold the memories of people. Rituals around death play an important role in the mourning process. It is through these societal rituals that we celebrate the life and death of loved ones. Death only ends a life, not the relationship with that life. I embrace the taboo dialogue that is often surrounding this subject by manifesting the symbolic representation of the sacred connection that remains in the physicality of these objects. I investigate how human beings interact with what we hold sacred, what legacies we leave behind, and how we create and carry those connections

Nicholas took his first metals and jewelry class in his freshman year of high school. He received his Associate of Fine Arts with Honors from Bucks County Community College and his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals/Jewelry/CAD-CAM from Tyler School of Art in 2020. He is currently working on his MFA in Metal Design at East Carolina University.

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