Audrey Jack


Audrey Jack Designs
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

4cm x 4cm

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Photo credit: Shannon Tofts

This ring is part of my collection, ‘Transience’, expressing that transience of chaos. That, whilst a feeling of chaos and loss of control can overshadow everything at times, with the passing of time there is always a space created for reflection and growth before the next challenge comes along.

Green represents the colour association of harmony, growth, regeneration, and hope. Rather than use a traditional method of colouring metal such as enamelling or patina, I have used graffiti paint.

Graffiti and street art is a form of personal and social expression, and personal or societal expression is part of the experience of growth. The crackle effect of the paint conveys that just because chaos is present or passing, what is left behind is not passive, but forever changed, or changing.

Currently a BA (Hons) student at Glasgow School of Art, Scotland, enjoying the opportunity to explore materials, expand my design ideas, and find my creative voice. I have a particular interest in wire, fabric, and form.

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