Tres Petals Brooch

Kathryn Bowman


Kathryn Bowman Studio LLC
St. Charles, MO, United States

3.75 X 3.5 X .75

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Photo credit: Kathryn Bowman

As an artist, I embrace floral imagery, capturing life’s essence and cycles in my jewelry. Each bloom becomes a unique masterpiece, reminding wearers of their role beyond mere observers. Colors are my expressive language, conveying emotions, weather, and moods, enriching my art. I experiment with various materials, from glass beads to recycled plastic, pushing boundaries and expanding interpretations. My creations bring smiles, instill confidence, and connect people to nature’s wonders, reflecting our interconnectedness. My artistic journey celebrates life’s beauty while advocating for a greener, sustainable future.

I am an artist who expresses life's beauty through vibrant floral jewelry using metal, semi-precious and glass bead, and including recycled materials. My art jewelry connects people to nature, inspire confidence, and advocate for a greener world. My art reflects interconnectedness, constantly evolving, and making a positive impact.

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