Tumbling Tourmalines

Kathleen King


Brooklyn, NY, United States

1" x .9" x .75", ring size 8.25

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Photo credit: Kathleen King

I’m a slow designer. Part of my process is to walk away for a while and let the time in between kind of erase what I think I’ve done so I can see the piece for what it is. Then I know what to do next. Engaging like this with the piece as I make it is the way I develop the “story”. I’ve had stones tell me what to do, but I think the design and the metal need this nurturing process to bring out their stories.

The stories give the reason for the piece to exist and be worn. The metal and design provide a place for the stories to live. I began the story. The wearer continues it. Wear it with your whole being. Wear it with pleasure.


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