Turbulent Waters

Kaelin Cordis


Kaelin Design
Rogers, Arkansas, United States

18 inches in length

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Photo credit: Kaelin Cordis

Turbulent Waters is inspired by the fluid nature of strength. Strength is not a constant. In the hectic days that threaten to overwhelm, strength ebbs and flows, surging forth when needed, and receding like the tides back into the depths of soul. The fluidity of strength is inherently fascinating- breaking forth when most needed, just when we think it’s not possible to hold on… the storm breaks, and there we stand strong and resilient unbowed by the storms of life. I forged each separate wave piece, and created the Argentium granules. Fusing the entire piece link by link, to reference the resilience of the material’s inherent strengths. I tension set a Labradorite cabochon to reference the open seas, and included an integrated front clasp. The piece is finished with polishing before using a kiln to bring the Germanium to the surface to increase tarnish resistance through surface passivation.This piece is a one of a kind celebration of strength, art, and the mystery of the ocean.

My recent work has been inspired by the flow of the world’s waters, and how this reflects the ebb and flow of emotion and purpose in our lives. Each piece is designed to uplift and encourage the wearer, and bring beauty to our lives. In my work I hand forge Argentium silver, along with fairmined and recycled golds, to showcase ethical gemstones.

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