Two Dollar Earrings

Terry Henry


Atascadero, CA, United States

2 x 2 x .25 inches

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Photo credit: Terry Henry

While walking on the beach I noticed numerous battered Sand Dollars. Their broken nature provided an opportunity to look into the internal structure of the creature. I collected, cleaned and processed the Sand Dollars in an electroforming bath transforming them to copper. The copper dollars were then torch enameled with clear enamel. Sgraffito was applied to provide openings in the enamel and access the copper base. The sgraffito enameled Sand Dollars were embellished with gems and electroformed again resulting in a controlled accumulation of copper metal and sparkle. Ear wires are fine silver.

The science of art continues to inspire my glass and metal-formed art pieces. My creativity is guided by elements of the chemical, physical and natural world. I delight in understanding scientific processes of glass, organic elements, metal, and electricity, which provide a platform for artistic growth and development.

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