Two from one | Made from love

Lori Magno


Boston, MA, United States

2.75" long x 2"wide

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Photo credit: Thomas Magno Photography

Inspired by a recent wedding the lotus design represents many things, and I chose beauty and eternity as the primary meanings for these earrings.

Hand pierced sterling silver floral designs, and gold applied to the leaf studs in the keum-boo technique, two metals, now one. The lotus earrings are worn on the leaf shaped studs, but the studs can be worn alone. Two choices from one. The Hindu goddess, Lakshmi sits on a lotus, the goddess of beauty and prosperity. I will linger in beauty.

The gold and silver leaf studs are a half inch in length, and the overall length when worn with the lotus flowers is 2.75″ long and just over 2″ wide.

My art and jewelry pursuits always begin with a question: ‘I wonder if I could make something out of that other thing?’ Currently exploring all the enamels I can lay my hands on. Driving myself wild with etching, electroforming and keum boo. Every minute is a chance to try something new. Go. Make. Art. (And also pizza.)

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