Under a Microscope

Jean Shaffer


Jean Shaffer Art
Seattle, WA, United States

1.8 x 2.5 x 0.5 inches

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Photo credit: Jean Shaffer

My jewelry designs distill the abstract essence of natural landscapes and physical and scientific phenomena. When I discovered vitreous enameling, it unleased the power of color and expanded options for texture in my designs. I employ a variety of enameling techniques including sifting, basse taille, champleve and cloisonne. I like applying transparent enamels to fine silver that has been hammered or stamped with textures and designs that show through the glass. Sometimes, I add glass beads and frit to my enamel surfaces for additional texture.

My cloisonne brooch-pendant, Under a Microscope, is a glimpse into world we can only see with the aid of technology.

Jean Shaffer is a Seattle jewelry artist, metalsmith and enamelist. She took her first metal fabrication class in 2002 and was hooked. In 2014, Jean earned a Certificate in Jewelry Design from North Seattle College and founded her business, Jean Shaffer Art. Jean’s work is now sold in Seattle area galleries and shown in nationwide exhibitions.

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