Unearthed #1

Sarah Groves


Blue Box Design
Vancouver, BC, Canada

2.4 x 2.1 x .25 inches

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Photo credit: Sarah Groves

I used scraps, samples, experiments and mistakes to fabricate several brooches. All of the components of the brooches are “leftovers” accumulated over 20+ years and stored for future use in little plastic bins labelled “embossed copper”,“reticulated silver”, “Keum Boo”, “stone donuts”, etc. An exhibition entitled “Unearthed” presented an opportunity to delve into the contents of the bins and use some of the bits and pieces in new designs.

The process of designing and fabricating the brooches involved a few simple steps: 1) dump the contents of the plastic bins onto a flat white surface; 2) play with various compositions incorporating copper, silver, 24K and stone donuts without altering the components in any way; 3) select the final designs and rivet the components together; 4) add a patina, pinstem and catch; and 5) display/wear the brooch!

I am a metalsmith/jeweller working with copper, silver, gold and natural gemstones. My designs are influenced by my experience as a printmaker and ecologist. My work consists of several production lines, commissions and one-of-a-kind pieces that respond to materials, techniques and design challenges that intrigue me.

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