Leticia Domingues


Leticia Domingues
Leipzig, Saxony, Germany

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Photo credit: Jakob Adolphi

As a chemical engineer, I did research on electrochemical reactions and processes. Science has its appeal and is challenging, but the feeling expressed by Leo Bloom, “There is a lot more to me than there is to me,” was overwhelming. I retained ingenuity/creative power/invention and broke new ground.

And now?

I give free rein to the movement and dance of the brush on the thin wood. The spatial form grows out of folding, bending, twisting and creasing. Lines, deliberately guided electrically conductive paths, are electroplated with copper. The copper gives stability to the wood and captures the tangible and conceptual beauty of this process.

The objects and jewelry reflect my experiences and emotions, yet unfold their own meaning.

1973 Born in Leiria 1998 Licenciatura as Chemical Engineer, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, IST, Lisbon, Portugal 2004 Jewelry making, FSU Art Center, Tallahassee 2009 State-certified designer (jewelry and object), Berufskolleg für Design, Schmuck und Gerät Goldschmiedeschule mit Uhrmacherschule Pforzheim, Germany 2021 Studio in Leipzig

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