United Together

Hiromi Suter


Sudbury, MA, United States

16 1/2"x 14" x 2"

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Photo credit: Hiromi Suter

Each individual butterfly is etched onto copper and hand-pierced with a jeweler’s saw. Then follows a lengthy process of patination, gilding, foiling and sealing.

Blue represents hope, calm and sacredness; the color is a constant and calming influence in our world.  Deeper blues are consciously omitted to avoid negative connotations of sadness and depression that explains our current situations. Adding light blue which is associated with healing, understanding and tranquility transcends the negativeness.

Contrasting the blue, I made the remaining butterflies in gold but with fewer numbers. Gold is brighter than yellow which represents sun, wealth and success. I tried to avoid overwhelming the “canvas” by the strong color, thus they unite together without too much flashiness. Lastly, I added small amount of green on the gold for harmony.

This piece expresses thoughtfulness, kindness and cooperation in an uncertain world.

Japanese-born Hiromi Suter creates delicate and story telling hand pierced jewelry in her Massachusetts studio. With the addition of her new technique of gilding and foiling, she blends with various colors to produce “in between” hues. Her works have been exhibited internationally and nationally including recent exhibition, MAD about Jewelry 2022.

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