Azita Mireshghi


Santa Monica, CA, United States

12 x 2 x 3 inches

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Photo credit: Elviz Jhohan (instagram: @elvizuals)

Through my jewelry, I dive into the realm of emotions, driven by a creative process that weaves textures and patterns and informs the final design. My goal is to create pieces that exude strength and boldness, triggering an internal reaction.

I am passionate about making each piece a tangible expression of feelings. By playing with textures and patterns, I aim to spark a connection within the person who wears my jewelry. My creations are more than adornments, they are intended to be sources of inspiration and information. My work is meant to be a bridge between the outer and inner worlds, between reality and sensation.

Azita Mireshghi is an Iranian-American Metalsmith, curator, and studio-artist based out of Santa Monica, California. She obtained her Master of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metal Arts in 2016. She has spent her entire life traveling back and forth to Iran and has a deep-rooted connection to Iranian culture and art and the fight for a free Iran.

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