Chantel Gushue


Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

2.75 x 3.00 x 0.50 inches

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Photo credit: Chantel Gushue

My work has been centered around minerals, focusing on the crystallization process of gem material and bone. Crystallization occurs as the orderly and infinite geometric packing of atoms. I use these materials as a metaphor for a need of repetition, perfectionism, and the human condition. A crystal growing in nature strives to reach an ideal, predetermined shape and will grow indefinitely until it is interrupted by an outside force. I juxtapose these bones and gems to create a visual parallel between the actual and the desired.

Chantel Gushue is a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her alma mater's include NSCAD (BFA) and MassArt (MFA). Chantel's work includes jewellery, drawings and small sculpture installation. She has exhibited internationally and is passionate about building community with other art jewellers, co-founding Co-Adorn Art Jewellery in 2017.

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