Various Morse Code Bracelets and Necklaces

Trisha Flanagan


Trisha Flanagan Jewelry
Calgary, AB, Canada

Bracelet 5mm x 70mm x 50mm

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Photo credit: Shannon Smith

Jewelry should be more than just beautiful. It should possess a specific intention, even if its meaning is exclusive to the wearer. Trisha Flanagan’s latest designs using Morse Code embody this notion, highlighting that jewelry must transcend being solely decorative and instead hold personal importance for the individual adorning it.

Trisha Flanagan is a graduate of the Alberta University of the Arts, formerly the Alberta College of Art & Design, majoring in the Jewelry & Metals department. Since then, she has worked as an apprentice silversmith, has had a family and now runs her own Calgary based studio. Trish’s works are an expression of her passion for family, home and fun.

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