Venus Fly

Fiona Maclean


Freedom & Form
Victoria, BC, Canada

30 x 12 x 80 mm

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The Venus Fly Earrings are one of six pieces in my Femme Fatale series, a body of work in response to the portrayal of women as mysterious, seductive, and even predatory, from the perspective of the male gaze. My hope with this series is to tap into archetypes that span generations of stereotypes created predominantly by men and to take possession of these assumptions and claim them for the feminine practice of self-adornment.

I am a jeweller, metalsmith, and instructor residing in Victoria, B.C. My process is intuitive and reactive; the give and take between myself and the materials. Inspiration is drawn from floral forms and life experiences to create pieces that stand as a metaphor to initiate a dialogue with the viewer.

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