Viking Ship of Bones earrings

Barbara Baur


Fair Winds Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA, United States

1.1 x 2.5 x 2.0 inches (each)

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Photo credit: Barb Baur

Viking ships were known for their intimidating silhouette of a monster. Arriving by sail or by oar, the dragon head on the ship’s bow and tail on the stern must have appeared monstrous indeed. I see the forms of vessels as a means of expression with layers of meaning. The ships of the age of exploration were adorned with figureheads imbued with lore, mythology and even comedy. As a sailor, I am enchanted by the design of a ship’s form and translate what I see on the water to ornamentation for the body. This pair of earrings, Viking Ship of Bones has been designed in the computer, 3D printed, hand dyed and finished with sterling silver findings.

Barb Baur is a Philadelphia based jewelry artist, maker and educator. Her work is created using traditional gold/silversmithing techniques combined with other fabrication tools like CAD and 3D printing. Drawing on her time on a sailboat, Barb’s artwork is inspired by the coastal landscape and sailing vessels.

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