VK Spiral Stripe Orange & Blue Necklace

Dianne Karg Baron


Oshawa, ON, Canada

2.4 x 45 cm

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Photo credit: Dianne Karg Baron

Viking knit is a form of metalworking I keep coming back to. Tactile, yet strong & flexible, I love the sleek look of classic shapes and strive to integrate hints of colour & unexpected textures.

This torque style necklace is hand knitted in sterling silver with crocheted spiralling blue and orange vertical stripes. The round clasp in knitted sterling silver and sterling silver beads can be worn around the front as a focal, or turned to the back.

Dianne Karg Baron is an award winning artist who has spent more than 25 years re-envisioning traditional forms of wire working, bending, linking, weaving, hammering, fusing, crocheting & knitting her way through many kilograms of metal. She creates collectable OOAK & limited edition jewelry to enhance the natural beauty and joy of the wearer.

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