Voronoi Peaks Multiple Triangle Articulated Pendant

Erika Novak


Chicago, IL, United States

1.5 x 2 x 1/8 inches

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Photo credit: Erika Novak

From Erika: “I love that I can take my ideas and leverage the same CAD software used to design buildings, household products, landscapes and furniture to realize my jewelry designs. Or that I can start and finish a project on my bench using traditional hand fabrication and stone setting techniques. My pieces, which are minimal in structure, encompass geometric shapes arranged as an ode to the optical and pop art that I love. My work also utilizes patterns and structures digitally generated in the 3D modeling application.

Erika is currently based in Chicago. She creates wearable lines of contemporary jewelry, usually in silver or bronze, using traditional bench methods, digital techniques, or a combination of both.

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