Wary Welcome: A Reliquary for the Doorbell

Becky McDonah


Millersville, PA, United States

10" x 5" x 1.75"

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Photo credit: Becky McDonah

This piece questions what goes through the mind of an individual when the doorbell rings. For some, the idea of an in-person visitor may incite anticipation and excitement to see who is at the door, for others, it may induce dread or anxiety. Thoughts may turn to if the caller is wanting to sell a product, service, or idea that the occupant is not interested in, or if they are contagious and potentially introducing the resident to an infectious disease or virus. This piece has chosen to place the doorbell behind a closed door that has no handle. It still peers out and is curious as to who has come to visit but stays cautiously behind the barrier.

Becky McDonah teaches Fine Art Metals at Millersville University in PA, and is a former member of SNAG’s Board of Directors. Becky received her MFA from Arizona State University and BA from the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse. She has also been active exhibiting, lecturing, and presenting workshops.

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