Watermelon Tourmaline and Dendritic Agate Earrings

Lori Francescutti


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2" overall length

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Photo credit: Lori Francescutti

I create wearable art pieces for charismatic, bold, confident, earthy, impeccably imperfect souls. I am inspired by nature and all her organic forms, from the simple to the intricate. I appreciate the way the metal collaborates with me, providing its own input while being melted and manipulated. Each precious metal, from sterling to fine silver to gold, has its own character. Like old friends, we work together to build each piece. I take the approach that there are no failures, only happy accidents. By embracing those accidents, I find creative solutions that inspire my work.

Heartmade + Handmade \ Ignis Borealis is a meditation on the elements that come together to create a hand-forged piece of jewelry. Made with heart and hands in Toronto, Canada by Lori Francescutti.

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