Waves on the Lake

Anne Heinz

Evanston, IL, United States

8" x 8" x .75"

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Photo credit: Larry Sanders, Visual Images

The natural world is my starting point. Whether in New England, the Adirondacks, or the Midwest, I watch the motion of the waves at the beach, the swaying grasses in the river, the connection between the tree trunk and its branches. It is the relationships among the shapes, colors, and lines that build up the image or the structure. My art explores the effects of context (e.g., changes over time or place). I also like to put a new dimension in play in a piece — motion. The play of light and movement change the way a piece looks and feels. It adds a time dimension since the piece has a different appearance in different light, and the wearer then becomes a part of the experiment.

My artistic roots are in New England and the Midwest. I inherited metalwork tools from my mother's side of the family, especially Augustus Rose. I started taking jewelry and metalsmith classes at the Evanston Art Center about 20 years ago, and have attended numerous technical workshops. My work has been published in two of the Lark Press 500 books.

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