What Grows From Sorrow

Jessica Mohl


Crawfordsville, IN, United States

6 x 9 x 9 inches

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Photo credit: Jessica Mohl

Plants are quiet, slow-moving metaphors of existence. I am captivated by the poignant analogies between plant life and humanity. The botanical world is teeming with exquisite and aesthetic examples of the relationship between form and function. Behind the thorns and untouchable leaves of plants such as thistles and prickly poppies is softness and nectar, symbolic of the most vulnerable part protected at the core.
What Grows from Sorrow is a metaphor for the eventual transition from grief to solace. This piece is inspired by the graceful form of the nigella flower and by the unpredictable turn of life events. Sheltered at the center of the sculpture is a pearl. Pearls symbolize the evolution and transformation of an irritation or pain into something uncannily soft and beautiful. They form from time and perseverance. Sometimes a pearl is visible, and sometimes it remains unseen. At the center of what sorrow and struggle creates is the sublime.

Jessica Mohl is a metalsmith and jewelry artist who works primarily in silver. Her work explores the beauty and mystery of growth and cycles in life and nature. She currently lives in Crawfordsville, Indiana and teaches Jewelry & Metalsmithing classes at Purdue University.

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