Where the Heart Is

Jack da Silva


Jack da Silva Metal Design Studio
Pinole, CA, United States

20" x 12" x 1"

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Photo credit: Jack da Silva

Our notions regarding Home tend toward the nostalgic.
‘Be it ever so humble…’ ‘Home Sweet Home.’ I selected ‘Where the Heart Is.’
The piece of aluminum that I received for this exhibition arrived with a burned torch cut hole in the upper left corner. At first, I thought about removing it.

However, the nature of this exhibition, to raise awareness and funds for the unhoused, revealed for me an aspect of the burned torch hole that became a catalyst for my concept of ‘Where the Heart Is’.

I pierced a Heart shape from the aluminum sheet, making sure that the damage from the torch cut appears on the stylized heart shape itself. This reflects consequences that can sometimes occur, whether intentional or unintentional. Decisions may have subtle or enormous impacts on our lives and the lives of others. These can place us in circumstances well beyond our control.

I represent the nostalgic frame of mind with the word ‘HOME’, the folding ruler and lumber pencils: orderly, regulated, ‘normal’

Jack da Silva owns and operates the Jack da Silva’s Metal Arts Studio. Teaching at the college level since 1980, Jack presents demonstrations, outreach promoting the Visual and Jewelry Metal Arts and has more than twelve years service on non-profit Boards. Jack serves as Professor, Jewelry Metal Arts at City College of San Francisco in California.

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