Whole in the Hole Earrings

Kara Hetz


Kara Hetz Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA, United States

3/4 x 1/2 x 3/16

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Photo credit: Kara Hetz

These earrings were created architecturally, consisting of sterling silver hollow forms and freshwater pearls. This type of designing and fabricating appeals to me because I am able to use a seemingly random shape but build it in a way that requires me to plan the order of operations. The result is an intersection of the organic and structured. The two earrings look similar but as I built the walls to form slightly different shapes, the pair is intentionally asymmetric. I put a soft finish on the silver to mimic the nacre of the grey pearls, giving them a monochromatic feel. Playing with qualities of sameness and difference, structured and organic is an engaging exploration for me. On a visceral level, I am inspired by the interplay of the emotional and physical and how we relate to the objects we keep. My work is motivated by a desire to create intriguing and wearable pieces, external reminders of the things that we carry.

I am a Philadelphia based jewelry artist working out of my home studio. I am educated in fine art, painting and sculpture but have found the scale and detail in jewelry making the most satisfying. I sell as much as I am able, from my website, in shops and an occasional market. I will continue as long as my hands and eyes will allow.

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