Who’s Wearing Who?

Bernie Wire


Wire Enterprises LLC
Vadnais Heights, MN, United States

4.25" h X 1.6" w X 1.5" d

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Photo credit: Bernie Wire

“Who’s Wearing Who?” began with the intent to make a bold statement. After carefully welding and finishing the two forms were shaped into two interlocking spirals then anodized and secured together with a hoop.

As with most of my work, this pendant is fabricated using resistance welding techniques which initially were found to be a solution to joining refractory metals in college but later would be developed to include argentium and gold.

Bernie Wires' works include jewelry, fine art, and functional objects. His investigation into spot welding to join titanium during fine art studies would lead him to become an industry expert developing processes and publishing papers on welding both gold and silver jewelry. Bernie continues to explore works in precious and refractory metals.

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