Tracy Mastro


Raymond, ME, United States

6x6x1.5 inch

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In my paintings I set out to create visual diagrams of what equates to journal entries; ideas, meditation, rumination and rants…
I use vitreous enamel on copper primarily in my jewelry making and have carried that medium over to my painting practice. Building up multiple layers, I apply liquid and sifted enamel to copper and kiln fire before the next layer is applied. Interspersed in these layers I include various other forms of enamel, some bleeding through to the surface and others revealing something beneath the surface. These bits and pieces are symbolic of various thoughts, feelings and ideas floating around and connecting or bouncing off one another.

I maintain a studio for my enameling practice in what was once my father’s studio. I find satisfaction in using the vintage enamel powders, supplements, and tools that he had used when he was making enamel jewelry and objects. I enjoy the process of mark making in enamel and cementing my work by fusing it in the kiln.

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