Worth Its Weight (2, 3, 5)

Kerianne Quick


San Diego, CA, United States

20 x 16 x 6

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Photo credit: Kerianne Quick

Using the material language of luggage/baggage/bag, this work explores resources, conveyance, and value. When water is plentiful and accessible, little attention is paid to this vital resource; it is taken for granted, squandered, lost in transit. When it is scarce, it is fought over, hidden, and searched for. In the desert of southeastern California, migrant assistance organizations go on water drops, positioning this vital resource where and when it is needed most. It is water at its most valuable – where it can save the life of someone crossing into the U.S. via this terrifying route. My own experience going on water drops in the hostile terrian, finding empty jugs – contents welcomed into thirsty mouths, and the same jugs destroyed by border patrol with horrifying consequences – is what inspires this work. These jugs, half filled, half formed, unable to contain, manifest this impossible but necesarry task; and point to context as the maker of value.

Kerianne Quick is a Southern Californian, nationally recognized artist, Associate Professor of Jewelry and Metalwork at SDSU, and co-founder of Secret Identity Projects and Craft Desert. Their work is included in the collections of the LACMA, MFA Houston, and the Netherlands Design Museum (Stedelijk).

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