Yuta Yang


Providence, RI, United States

22’ x 22’ x 8’

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Photo credit: Model Credit: Danny Svay

‘Zoomorphic Amalgamation: Speculative Devices for Alternative Communication’ is a series of speculative works that assist introverts readapting in the extro-oriented society. The work serves as a lens to challenge and question the authority afforded to extroverts in contemporary society, and aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of introverted personality. The project draws upon personal experience and to reflect on the current bias and stereotype of characteristics that are common to introverts.

By integrating technological sensors and microcontrollers, the works are created to help the wearer express insecurity, at the same time providing a facsimile of confidence, relaxation, and recharging experience within the duration of wearing. Through interactive engagement the devices embody the connection between the wearer and the observer, and aim to visualize the discomfort of social interaction through forms of movement, sound, and color shift.

Yuta is a jewelry artist and designer from Shanghai, China. He received MFA in Jewelry + Metalsmithing from RISD in 2022, and BFA in Jewelry from SCAD in 2020. Yuta works with both metal and digital fabrication, his current works serve as a lens to reflect the current social imbalance associated with extroverted authority.

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