Zelda’s Breakfast

Ashley Burke


Fieldtrip Jewelry Design
Saint Petersburg, FL, United States

3.5" x 2" x 2 1/4"

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Photo credit: Ashley Burke

Through creative expression, we work to understand the world around us. Science does not exist without creativity; new ways of looking and expression lead us to new discoveries and models of understanding. Re-interpret to identify, re-represent to become part, to covet the unconquerable. My work is an expression of this desire to re-imagine, seeking my own interpretation of the world around me and find my place within it. The convergence of these ideas inspires my art.

For the work featured here, I sought to make something other than jewelry. This piece features an egg cup with a spinning (yet detachable for use) double sided spoon. The design is inspired from late 19th c., early 20th c. Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs, with delicate lines and geometric patterns.

Fieldtrip Jewelry Design was founded by Ashley Burke, a museum professional, art appraiser and metalsmith. Burke's metalwork is inspired by museum objects, from deep within the vaults of museums to the attics and closets of our family homes. Objects scream their stories and whisper their secrets, communicating something deeper about ourselves.

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