Nominations & Elections

The SNAG membership elects leaders for the coming years. All SNAG members have the right to vote. This process is an important part of how you can make your voice heard, and help determine the future of the organization.

We rely on a volunteer board of people to help steer our organization. The candidates for the 2023 SNAG election are shown below. Voting took place online May 12th-June 2nd, 2023.

Thank you to all the members who voted in this year's election. The results are as follows:

  • Co-Presidents: Kerianne Quick and Seth Papac
  • Board of Directors: Sarah Darro, Lori Magno, Azita Mireshghi, Lyndsay Rice, Eleanor Ingrid Rose, Jina Seo, Kaytria Stauffer, Danni Xu
  • Nominations & Elections Committee: Brie Flora, Pasha Moezzi, Jess Tolbert
  • Ballot Measure: The proposed change to SNAG's Constitution regarding the Nominations and Elections Committee has passed.

SNAG Board of Directors Roles + Responsibilities (pdf)

The Nominations & Elections Committee is responsible for collecting nominations, recruiting candidates, and conducting the elections for SNAG.


Liz Clark
Kelly Jean Conroy
Leslie Shershow

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