Workshopping With

Workshopping With is a virtual programming series led by SNAG members on a variety of topics.

Learn more about an array of subjects ranging from technique-based skills to professional practices. Each workshop lasts approximately an hour, with an interactive Q&A session. Participants will receive a handout and access to a recording of the session.

These instructors are generously offering their workshops to raise funds for SNAG. You'll not only acquire valuable knowledge, but also contribute to the health and vitality of our organization. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and make a meaningful difference!

Learn more and register for each workshop using the links on this page. Can't make it to the live class? Recordings will be available to registrants for 6 weeks.



  • Kay Stauffer | Porch Powder Coating
  • Kristi Zevenbergen | Ask An Accountant
  • Maru Lopez | Crafting Your Artist Statement
  • Michael Brehl | Make Yourself a Blowhorn Stake
  • Jessica Andersen | Setting Everything But Stones
  • Sarah Darro | Exhibition-Making
  • Jack da Silva | Pattern Development + Synclastic & Anticlastic Forming


  • Early Bird - $60/members, $85/non-members, $30/student members
  • Week of - $75/members, $100 non-members, $45 student members
  • Watch party - $85
Screenshot 2024-04-29 at 6.54.55 PM - Kaytria Stauffer

Workshopping With: Kay Stauffer

Porch Powder Coating

Sat, Sep. 7th 1 p.m. ET

Are you interested in using more color in your work but you are unsure where to start? This beginner-level workshop will guide you in getting started with basic powder coating techniques, all of which you can do on your porch, patio, or in a small back yard. Registrants will get a demo on basic powder coating and will leave with a tool and equipment list full of helpful resources.


Workshopping With: Kristi Zevenbergen

Ask An Accountant

Tues, Sep. 24th 7 p.m. ET

Lifelong accountant Kristi Zevenbergen will go over touchpoints on record keeping and tax reporting for small businesspersons. If you have specific questions regarding your business or handling your accounting as a maker this is a session you don't want to miss!

maru_circulo Colectiva Tilde

Workshopping With: Maru López

Crafting Your Artist Statement

Sat, Oct. 5th 1 p.m. ET

Explore creative writing techniques with Maru López to create artist statements that communicate your vision, concept, and ideas, while also emphasizing connections to technique and materials in your metal art practice.


Workshopping With: Michael Brehl

Make Yourself a Blowhorn Stake

Wed, Oct. 9th 6 p.m. ET

Watch and discuss construction of a blowhorn stake in a small silversmithing studio. Forging the horn and stem, welding, finishing, tools, and supplies will be covered. The resulting blowhorn stake will then be raffled off to participants in the online workshop.

Jack da Silva forging portrait copy 3

Workshopping With: Jack da Silva

Pattern Development

Wed, Oct. 16th 7 p.m. ET

In this pattern development class , da Silva will explore various aspects of transforming a 2D pattern into a 3D concept through experimentation. He'll cover the anticipation (and surprises!) of how the metal can be made to move using simple to complex templates, along with how to track your progress and make minor/major adjustments. It's the perfect intro for the Synclastic & Anticlastic Forming virtual workshop on October 19th.

Synclastic & Anticlastic Forming

Sat, Oct. 19th 2 p.m. ET

As a follow-up to da Silva's first class, "Pattern Development," Synclastic & Anticlastic Forming will directly delve into the amazing plasticity and possibilities of manipulating sheet metal with a hammer. During this workshop, you'll explore appropriate annealing, beneficial sequencing, and selective work hardening to optimize experimentation and progress in jewelry and other objects.


Workshopping With: Jessica Andersen

Setting Everything But Stones

Sat, Nov. 2nd 2 p.m. ET

Interested in incorporating different objects in your jewelry but not sure how, then this upcoming workshop with Jessica Andersen is for you. In this workshop, you will learn how to use and modify traditional stone settings. Andersen will share some tips and tricks for setting and including larger objects in your work.

Sarah Darro

Workshopping With: Sarah Darro

Exhibition - Making

Sat, Nov. 9th 2 p.m. ET

Learn how to put together an engaging exhibition with curator Sarah Darro. In this workshop, Darro will demonstrate how to navigate display methods and exhibition design for jewelry and metalwork.

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